Mass Local Food Coop to Close

Message from Mae Zagami, on behalf of the Board of Directors of Massachusetts Local Food Coop – August 21, 2017

We, the Board of Directors, are sorry to report that we have unanimously voted to shut down the co-op effective November 9th (after the November distribution).

We therefore, will not be implementing the $25 annual renewal fee which was due to take effect September 1st.

This decision is primarily due to decreasing sales resulting in insufficient co-op fees to cover operating expenses. Sales have dropped from an average of 150 per month in 2015 to just 60 this month. The reduction in sales have been trending downward every month over the last 2 years.

Additionally, we’ve come to realize that having an all-volunteer organization is not sustainable with only a few contributing a lot resulting in volunteer burnout.

Following November 9th, we will be liquidating all assets and then determine the value of each membership share prior to distributing monies back to members on record as of November 9th. This process will take several months. As part of the liquidation we will be offering some of our assets for sale to our members such as, coolers, tables, freezers, etc. Once these are put up for sale we will announce to all members and everyone will have the opportunity to purchase over the next 3 distribution days although some items may have to be held for use until the November distribution.

We thank you for your support over the last 9 years. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us here.

Mae Zagami, on behalf of the Board of Directors


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